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Aventus for Him


Creed Aventus for Him: A sensual, audacious and contemporary scent, Aventus is inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance with equal magnitude.
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Creed Aventus for Him is not your run-of-the-mill fragrance!

The latest creation from Master Perfumer, Olivier Creed, Aventus is the next legendary addition to the men’s fragrance collection from the House of Creed. Completing the Aventus family, this new, modern and urban-spirited Eau de Parfum is as much individualistic as it is part of the complete Aventus Trilogy.
“With Aventus, I was inspired to create a new legend—a fresher, modern complement that would provide an olfactive experience entirely of its own.”
—Olivier Creed, Master Perfumer
Redefining the rules in perfumery, the House of Creed takes its inspiration from a refreshing and uplifting cologne. Exuding style, success, true grit, and vigor, Olivier Creed provides a fresh burst of modernity to a classic Eau de Parfum whilst maintaining the utmost quality and longevity of this new men’s scent.
Creed Aventus for Him
Top notes for Creed Aventus for Him are Italian bergamont, Blackcurrant, French apple, and Pineapple. Middle notes are Rose, Dry birch, Morracan jasmine, and Patchouli. Base notes are Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla. About two-thirds of users describe this fragrance as long-lasting.

Creed Aventus for Him: Why you want it!

  1. Creed Aventus for Him: Longevity! Creed is known for its long-lasting fragrances. This particular fragrance is in perfect step witht the brand. Batches vary slightly, but overall, this fragrance lasts between seven and twelve hours. For me, it lasts longer than that! I still smell it while drinking my coffee on the following day.
  2. Creed Aventus for Him: Amazing Smell. A burst of freshness! From the second you spray, your senses are bathed is a burst of fresh pineapple and apple. The notes are a perfect blend of musky sweetness and woodiness, along with the sweet fresh fruit tones.
  3. Creed Aventus for Him: Projection.
  4. Creed Aventus for Him: compliments. Compliments for Aventus come like a gently falling spring rain. My dentist loves it and never neglects to mention how great I smell.
  5. Creed Aventus for Him: It commands attention. This fragrance is a masculine masterpiece!

Creed Aventus For Her
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1.7 oz./ 50 ml., 3.3 oz./100 ml.