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Viking, a fiery mens fragrance that bottles the fearless spirit of boundless exploration for the modern man who goes against the grain. Inspired by the incredibly crafted longships, a centerpiece of the Viking Age and one of the greatest design feats of the ninth century. A symbol of voyage and undeniable perseverance, longships were carefully designed for the skilled seaman who embodied unbridled determination to conquer.Viking was launched in 2017.



Creed Quality Assurance

At Creed, we refer to our fragrances as Millesime quality. The word “Millesime” comes from the world of wine, translating from the French to mean a great vintage. In the wine industry, a vintage wine refers to a particular year and place from which the quality of wine was superb. Creed pride themselves in using only the best quality ingredients in their perfume creations that are high in natural oils. One of the unique joys of a perfume which is high in natural oils is that while the quality always remains 100%, the accents of the scent will vary bewitchingly with every vintage.The perfume becomes a living entity, as animated and arbitrary as any of its wearers. Each harvest will yield flowers of a slightly varying fragrance depending on hours of sunshine and rainfall. With Creed fragrances the finished Millesime perfume will always follow the same identical formula, but also breathe out an individual signature, just as a precious wine will vary subtly from year to year. Here is the magical mystery and sophistication at the heart of Creed.